Central-symmetrical property analysis on circularly orthogonal moments

Hong Dai, Simon Liao

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H. Dai, S. Liao, "Central-symmetrical property analysis on circularly orthogonal moments", Journal of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 11-26, 2014.

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Central-symmetrical property, circularly orthogonal moments, Zernike moments, pseudo-Zernike moments


In this research, we have proposed the central-symmetrical property of image reconstructions from Zernike moments and pseudo-Zernike moments. We conducted the image reconstructions from the odd, even, and complete sets of Zernike moments and pseudo-Zernike moments, and verified the proposed central-symmetrical property. We have concluded that if the original image is centrally symmetrical, the image reconstructions from even order sets are identical to those from the corresponding complete order sets of either Zernike or pseudo-Zernike moments.