Reconfiguration of logical communication channels

Marek Bolanowski, Andrzej Paszkiewicz

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M. Bolanowski, A. Paszkiewicz, "Reconfiguration of logical communication channels", Journal of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 21-28, 2013.

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Multibus network, graph, linear Diophantine constraints, reconfiguration, indeterminacy


In this paper a new reconfiguration of interconnection networks algorithm was proposed for the computational systems and the logical network connection. The proposed solution is based on the presentation of the network and base requirements in the form of linear Diophantine constraints solution in area {0,1}. A set of topologies that meet initial assumptions is obtained as the solution of the system of constrains. In the next step, the final topology is selected, which can be used to reconfigure the interconnection network. It is done using the proposed method of selecting the optimal solution from the set of acceptable solutions, taking into account a certain level of indeterminacy.